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MyPrepaidCenter Activating Card & Login

Visit to activate your new card! You’ll need the card with you so be sure not to forget it when leaving home today!

Enter your card number, expiration date, and security code. Then tick-mark the reCaptcha “I’m not a robot” box before you log in to ensure that no one but you is accessing your account!

After clicking on login, you will be directed to your profile page where after entering all of the necessary information into corresponding boxes and tabs, everything else becomes much easier!

MyPrepaidCenter Check Balance

You’ll be able to review your transactions, get tips on using your card and more when you log into the website. Enter in just a few numbers with some letters before clicking next!

It’s always important to be able check your card balance and monitor transactions on the MyCards page. For added security, it is also necessary to activate SSL with a click of a button because this shields personal information from being stolen online or over the phone by third parties. To ensure that you are in compliance with international standards for payment cards, please review each country where myPrepaidCenter cannot be used before activating your Prepaid Card today!

Where Can I Use MyPrepaidCenter Card?

You can use your card to purchase from online merchants and US stores that accept Mastercard, American Express, Visa or Discover logo. Please note you cannot withdraw money from ATMs with the card nor swipe it at gas stations.

MyPrepaidCenter’s cardholders can now earn 5% back on purchases from their favorite retailers, as well as a range of other service providers.

Prepaid Card vs Traditional Bank Credit Card?

A Prepaid Card can be a great alternative to traditional bank credit cards because it is safer and does not require you to go into debt when paying for something. For example, if your card lets you add more money or has an overdraft protection feature then that will help prevent against using too much of the funds on hand at one time. Additionally, MasterCard prepaid cards come with fraud alerts which may provide peace-of-mind as well as lost/stolen report options in order to make sure your identity is protected while shopping online or over the phone!

Blackhawk Network: MyPrePaidCenter Parent Company

A global brand payment company established in 2001, Blackhawk Network has received numerous awards for content marketing and customer service. Talbott Roche, CEO of the network’s parent organization is a top executive innovator in retail and prepaid industries.

Under the helm of Blackhawk, MyPrepaidCenter has created innovative solutions to consumers which include prepaid telecom, gift cards, digital entertainment and more.

My Prepaid Center is under the leadership of our CEO’s namesake- Captain John “Black” Hawkins. Here at MPC we have a team with 10 years industry experience developing products for an audience that includes everything from theme gifting to consumer rebate cards such as their recently developed incentive card program!

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